Episode 26: The Very Hungry Human Centipede

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  • Song Name: The Very Hungry Human Centipede
  • Artist: Thumbcast Media
  • Album: The Thumbcast
  • Year: 2011

“He can fit it right up into his fortress of solitude!”

Yes, we’re back! Series three of the Thumbcast kicks off in the same old manner – with more offensive gags, rants, swearing and general silliness than you can shake a light sabre at.

Joining us for the first episode of the new season is Al Kennedy from the House To Astonish comics podcast, as we review the new series of Doctor Who, Apollo 18, Fright Night and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

In our usual insightful style, we take a look at the controversy around the new Star Wars blu-rays, and cast our eyes over the first wave of books in the DC Universe’s New 52. Plus – you voted for it, so seaQuest DSV goes into the Vault.

All that plus Richie Manic’s Return of the Jedi, Jack Hawksmoor’s Twister, General James Franco, Night is Day, Kate Pierson on the moon, singalongaMetropolis, Rich Johnston’s lost £50, and lots of Bryan Coxes...